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This is my story!

Hi! I am Fie Desenberg! I am a wife, momma to CDH survivor Logan and baby girl, Quinn. I have a career in the marketing field and am passionate about helping others overcome their birth story and NICU trauma and anxiety. 

I did not have an easy start into motherhood. The exact opposite actually. I not only experienced a traumatic birth, but was thrust into the medical momma community with my first born.

We found out at our 23 week ultrasound that our son, Logan, was going to be born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, or CDH. We were not given much hope in our home state, so we traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida for 3 months for our son to receive care from the best. Logan was so severe that he spent his first 3 weeks of life on lung/heart bypass called ECMO and it wasn’t until he was 37 days old that I was able to hold him. After 81 days in the ICU, 56 blood transfusions, multiple life saving surgeries, Logan was able to come home. (Read Logan's full story)

The stress and trauma of my birth and NICU experience did not fully hit me until much later. If you talk to any medical momma they will tell you that they are often in fight mode and the last thing they’re thinking of is themselves. This is how I lived for the first 2 years of my son’s life. I can actually pinpoint the moment when I felt like a mom and not a nurse for the first time - and it wasn’t until almost 2 years after becoming a mom. 

After Logan, I was able to experience more of a “typical” birth and newborn experience. But as healing as life has been with Quinn, it has also brought out a lot of issues that still need to be addressed. 

Brave Your Story started out just as me working through my own anxiety and PTSD and turned into a passion project with the goal to take what I’ve learned and share it with others who are struggling. 

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