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Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Proactively expressing gratitude is something I've always struggled with. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for a lot. Being a medical momma you learn to be grateful for the little things. But, I am horrible at taking a moment out of my hectic life to pause and think about things that I am grateful for.

As life has become more chaotic, I've noticed the importance of taking that pause. We are often pulled in a million different directions, in ways in which we would not spend our precious time. With this chaos comes stress, anxiety and a general feeling of overwhelm.

Take a pause in all that chaos and think of the little things throughout the day. The things that make you smile, that keeps you motivated. What made you laugh? What did you do well? What challenges did you over come? Where did you give yourself grace?

I challenge you to take a moment everyday to think about the little things and write them down! Either in notes on your phone, a small notebook on your bedside table or an app. But you must write it down! This part is important. How good will it feel to look back at all the things you're grateful for, especially on a hard day. You might even start to notice themes. Is there something in your life that brings you more joy than you realized? How can you start incorporating this into your life more often? Self-love without self-awareness is unproductive.

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