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How to Help Prepare your Toddler for a Hospital Stay

We are preparing for Logan’s 15th, surgery/procedure! This time feels a little different. It’s been a little over a year and a half since his last one and he is much more aware of his surroundings. While mom and dad are preparing to pass him off to nurses and have the faith and trust that everything will be ok, Logan is clueless of what will happen.

So how do you prepare a toddler for something as confusing, scary and uncomfortable/painful as surgery?

Through imaginative play and books! We have collected quite a few doctor toys and books over the years. Check out a list of a few of our favorites! 

At the Hospital (Shine-a-Light Book)

By Carron Brown 

At the Hospital Shine-a-Light book gives readers the ability to explore behind the scenes in a busy hospital in a unique way. Watch doctors and nurses at work, look inside an ambulance and meet the surgical team in the operating room. Shine a light behind the special pages to see what’s hidden. 

The Surgery Book: For Kids

By Shivani Bhatia MD 

Iggy finds out that his snoring and sore throats are caused by his marshmallow-like tonsils. Surgery is unavoidable. His journey through the surgical process is full of inquiry & fear. His fears are alleviated by learning about the realities of having surgery. His experience, literally, becomes an eye-opening adventure! "An accurate portrayal of surgery framed in a way children can understand

Little Critter: My Trip to the Hospital 

By Mercer Mayer

When Little Critter breaks his leg in a soccer game, he has to make his first trip to the hospital. Follow brave Little Critter as he rides in an ambulance, meets the doctor, and gets his first X-ray and his first cast.

Curious George Goes to the Hospital 

By Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey

The most lovable little monkey needs to go to the hospital. In this much-adored story, Curious George needs an operation and so his visit to the hospital commences. While there, he explores the hospital and gets into mischief, and he experiences and finds that hospital life is not too bad. This book artfully addresses the fears that children face at the hospital.

Let’s Meet a Doctor

By Bridge Heos 

What does a doctor do? These kids have a few ideas. But to learn more, they talk to Dr. Zambil. He tells them how he helps sick or hurt kids feel better. He sees healthy kids to help keep them healthy. He even helps train new doctors. Let's hear it for doctors!

All Better!

By Henning Lohein and Bernd Penners

An interactive book with sticky bandaids for children to make boo boos All Better. 

Daniel Visits the Doctor

By Becky Friedman and Jason Fruchter

Daniel is feeling a little nervous before his check-up with Dr. Anna. But with a little reassurance from Mom, Daniel learns that talking about what will happen at the doctor’s office helps to make the trip a lot less scary.

Maisy goes to the Hospital 

By Lucy Cousins

One day as Maisy is bouncing on her trampoline, she bounces a LITTLE too high. Oh, no! What will happen after she falls and hurts her leg? Maisy’s friend Charley goes with her to the hospital, where X-rays, a cast, and an overnight stay ensue. Maisy feels strange to be away from home, but a friendly patient soon helps her feel better. Little readers will be relieved and intrigued to share a memorable — and perhaps familiar — experience with Maisy.

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