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Time to Stop Dreaming

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Start with a dream! I have a dream that I will do something that my babies are proud of. Something that helps others and makes the world a better place. Something that takes all the pain, challenges and anxiety I’ve been through and repurposes it for something good! . . I have been dreaming - planning - a passion project for several months now. I see the big picture - the end result. But the path to get there is still a little blurry. . . I’ve kept this passion project very much a secret for so long. Truthfully, I’m scared! Scared to want something so badly and not be able to do it. Scared to try and fail. So it’s easier to not take that first step into turning a dream into reality. . . So here I go! Taking the first step. Time to stop dreaming and start doing! #BraveYourStory

#PostpartumAnxiety #MedicalMomma #PTSD #NICUPTSD #NICUWarrior #PostPartumDepression #PassionProject #Dream

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